Machine Translation Gateway

The CrossLang Machine Translation Gateway grants access to several Machine Translation providers using a single, integrated gateway. Moreover, it contains an automated advisory which allows users to select the best provider for each project.


With the introduction of Neural Machine Translation engines, more and more providers have entered the market.
There are now hundreds of them available, all with different outputs. This means that some providers work better for certain language pairs, and others for certain types of content.

Ideally, companies wishing to apply Machine Translation have access to as many providers as possible. However, managing different subscriptions and integrations for all providers separately would be difficult. That is why the CrossLang Machine Translation Gateway grants access to these different providers using a single integration. 

Moreover, the Machine Translation Gateway includes an automatic advisory, which allows users to choose the best provider for their content. Translating texts can be carried out via the Gateway itself, or via a Translation Management System (TMS). The Gateway integrates with most TMS  in use today and can be accessed via REST API.  

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  • Access to thousands of engines and hundreds of language pairs through a single gateway.
  • Clear and quantified understanding of which engine provides the best quality using the “Automated Engine Advisory”
  • A single consolidated monthly charge
  • Easy to use, intuitive, web-based interface
  • Secure translation interface and NLP features as options
  • Hosted securely in the EU in our ISO 27001 compliant data centre
  • Access to CrossLang MT, TMS, CAT and NLP experts whenever required.

How it works

The CrossLang Machine Translation Gateway has been designed from the ground up, with ease of use and flexibility in mind. The Gateway integrates seamlessly with the most commonly used TMS systems, allowing you to pre-translate content at the click of a button from a wide selection of engines. Any custom application can be integrated using the well-documented API provided by the Gateway.

TMS or application


Localization Expert


Secure translation user


MT Suppliers


NLP functions



Integrates with most TMS systems and gets you started in no time.

Allows users to manage their projects and receive automated recommendations on the “best” engine.

Uses multiple services and engines for a single consolidated invoice per month.

A secure, internal web interface for all users, avoiding public platforms such as Google and Bing.

A single platform for all your language processing needs.

Hosted in our ISO 27001 compliant data centre.

The solution is ready to grow with your needs, granting access to the industry’s widest range of machine translation engines, natural language processing (NLP) functions and more from a single platform.


  • memoQ
  • Phrase
  • SDL Worldserver
  • SDL Trados Studio
  • XTM
  • Amazon Translate
  • CrossLang Custom Engines
  • CrossLang Judicio
  • DeepL
  • Google Cloud Translation
  • Microsoft Translator
  • Systran

– 600+ language pairs

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