Machine Translation Gateway – Engine Advisory

The CrossLang Machine Translation Gateway has a built-in engine advisory which selects the best MT engine for your domain and language pair. How does it work? Find out here!


The ELRC (European Language Resource Coordination) action aims at minimising language barriers across the EU.


The project develops the RCD (Regulatory Concept Dictionary) application for DG FISMA.


The APE-Quest project develops a Quality Gate for obtaining an acceptable translation quality in a shorter amount of time and at a lower cost than in a traditional translation workflow.


The CEFAT4Cities project creates technology enabling EU citizens to use multilingual services in the area of smart cities.


The MICE project delivers a middleware layer that improves a customised machine translation (MT) system or connects to the CEF eTranslation MT system.


OCCAM develops software integrating image classification, translation memories, optical character recognition and machine translation to support the automated translation of scanned or handwritten documents.

September 20-22, 2023: Language Intelligence 2023

Language Intelligence 2023 is Europe’s major event showcasing the latest developments in Multilingual Artificial Intelligence: speech interaction, deep meaning processing and multilingual communication & cognition.

June 12-15, 2023: 24th Annual EAMT Conference

The European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT) serves the growing community of people engaged with machine translation (MT) and translation tools, including researchers, developers, users and translators.